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A short update here. I thought this was gonna be without drama - I was wrong.
I am so glad I can use the internet while working because traciebee posted something in that mod community we have and I just had to say it was crazy. She wanted to redefine some rules and add new ones. And I was also told that I have to keep record of the people who don't follow those rules.
CRAZY! There are already too many rules here!

And because toomanysides told me that I should always do what is best for the community, I decided to just kick the other mods out and take over this place! I really don't think more rules would be good and they all seem really adamant to keep it that strict. For what? Less rules would mean more fun!
I'm a bit sad though because I know qfemale won't talk to me anymore but at least the community won't have such nazi-mods anymore. I can't believe they asked the same of me!

So hi, I'm your new mod!

Here is a banner I made the other day which I thought would look nice on the top of the page.
This community definitely needs more David-hotness all around!

Oh my break is over, I will edit the page later and I also have 401 icons of David to post :D:D I know there is a lot of work to be done, I hope you guys will understand when at first it's gonna be a rocky road for me! Thanks!

Yes, this is a joke :-p
Tags: comm: fun
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