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MOD Post: Recent concerns explained

Let us start of with explaining why there is a mod-post!

Last night some people exchanged comments to an entry one of our mods made. At first comments were of a normal spoiler-discussion nature but soon it turned into aggressive, rude, insulting and incendiary comments. The mod handling the situation decided to just disable the comments for that entry (instead of going through them one by one and deciding which ones should get screened) as there seemed to be no end to it and she didn't have time to monitor the situation.

This morning there was some confusion as to why the comments were disabled. We would like to clear things up!

Later in the day, comments were enabled with some comments frozen or screened, as there was sufficient amount of time for the mods to handle the situation. Nobody was contacted about this because we did not feel the need to bring more attention to it. (We apologize, but this is a long-established policy of the community, except for bans or strikes)

However, we have noticed a disturbing trend in comments such as those made last night. So far our actions haven't helped much and in some cases, we were just blamed for making things worse if people didn't agree with our decisions. It has come to a point where we need to put our feet down. No matter what we do, some people will be unhappy, but they will have to live with that! You have the option to contact us via the feedback post if there is something on your mind: We encourage you to use it, we cannot help you if we don't know of your complaints!

This community is a friendly place for Bones fans to discuss the show in an intelligent and thoughtful manner. And this goes for both the positive stuff and the negative stuff about the show! We take absolutely no issue with anyone having a negative opinion on the direction the show has taken or will take. Some of us mods even share these opinions. The problem we're having is that some comments are moving away from the realm of criticizing the show in an intelligent way, and have begun criticizing fellow members for their opinions when they are clearly different from your own. It doesn't matter what your opinion is, it is still important to respect the other members of this community.

We will not be accepting behavior such as grudge posting, flaming, trolling, or personal insults of any kind just because somebody doesn't support your opinion. If we view a post or comment as incendiary, we will handle it as we see fit - which in most cases will mean screening of comments and handing out a warning/strike to the offending member. If you have reached 3 strikes you will be banned from 206_bones without any further warnings! We really cannot stress enough that if you see any such comment or find yourself on the receiving end of bad behavior, contact us immediately and to not engage with the person at all - this would only worsen the situation and is in nobody's interest.

There has also been a misunderstanding about comments that were screened today in another post. Those comments were about what happened last night, but were screened because they were off-topic in regard to the post they were in. It is important to us that you use the feedback post if you have question or concerns rather than making your comment to a general post. Please keep this in mind!

We are aware that it's not possible to please everybody completely but we are doing our best and will continuing to do so. We also hope that we have established a good policy on this issue.

Comments are screened because we just spend the last 4hrs on this and are exhausted! Thank you for your understanding!

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