September 4th, 2009

Ball of Fire
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Bones fanfiction - The Bet, Ch 4

It was the only kind of bet he made anymore. And the stakes were impossibly high. Rated M for later chapters. Romance/Angst/Humor. Definitely BB, some Hodgela, and Zach!
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
The first fifteen chapters are listed at, if you want to read more quickly. I hope you enjoy!

Title: The Bet
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst/Comedy
Characters: Brennan/Booth
Status: In Progress
Spoilers: Through beginning Season 3
B/A Bite Me

More New Bones Fic!

Title: Forever Feels Like Home (Sitting All Alone Inside Your Head)
: Anna (bite_or_avoid)
Pairing: Booth/Brennan
: PG
Word Count: 2,065
Disclaimer: Yeah, yeah, you know the deal. Title courtesy of the Stone Sour song Through Glass
Spoilers: Season 5 Sneak Peek, 5x06 sides, plus all those damn teasing promos. Can this show come back before I go insane?

( Six weeks is a long time when you still wake up thinking you’re married to someone. )

The 206 Friending Meme!

Welcome to the 206_bones Friending Meme!!

A while back we asked the question of whether we should continue to allow friending memes. After reviewing your comments, here is the final determination:
Friending memes will no longer be allowed in this community.

However, we are providing you with this lovely 206_bones Friending Meme. We'll update the meme and post reminders occassionally to keep it from becoming entirely stagnant. Of course, if you have suggestions for new questions, leave us a comment here.

Each time we update the friending meme, we will list the links here:
Issue #2 - August 2010

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Now on to the party!

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Bones: To-Do List

Kathy Reichs--This Sunday!

I don't know how many of you have read the book series on which Bones is based, but  I'm sure we all know who Kathy Reichs is!

Anyway, if anyone is in the Atlanta area and is too cheap to go to Dragon*Con this weekend, Kathy Reichs is speaking as a part of the Decatur Book Festival. For free.

She will be talking about her new book, which, as we all know, is entitled 206 Bones.

She's speaking at the First Baptist Decatur Sanctuary Stage at 2:30 this Sunday.

For more information about Kathy Reichs, visit here.
For more information about the Decatur Book Festival, visit here.

She spoke last year, but I didn't have the chance to go, although, my friends who saw her speak are planning to go again this year, so I'm taking that as a good sign!