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The 206 Friending Meme!

Welcome to the 206_bones Friending Meme!!

A while back we asked the question of whether we should continue to allow friending memes. After reviewing your comments, here is the final determination:
Friending memes will no longer be allowed in this community.

However, we are providing you with this lovely 206_bones Friending Meme. We'll update the meme and post reminders occassionally to keep it from becoming entirely stagnant. Of course, if you have suggestions for new questions, leave us a comment here.

Each time we update the friending meme, we will list the links here:
Issue #2 - August 2010

1) For the purposes of this meme, unaired episode spoilers are off-limits. If it's hit the airwaves, it is fair game in this meme.
2) If you chose to include pictures or gifs in your responses, try to keep the file size (in kb) on the low end. Not going to set a limit there or anything, just don't go gaga with hundreds of 500+kb gifs that crash people's browsers... Also, please do not hotlink images from artists and friends without permission. Reupload and credit, plz.
3) This meme is open to all members of all ages. So leave the smut elsewhere (though if you really have something smutty to share feel free to link it with a warning...)
4) The most important rule: BE RESPECTFUL.

If you have concerns about something here in this post (comments, images, etc.) please go here to contact a mod to handle the sitatuion.

Now on to the party!

Formatted and prettified for you by qfemale
Tags: bones: friending meme
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