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206_bones Friending Meme Redux

With it being almost fall, that means Bones will be coming back again soon So we thought it would be a good time to renew the 206_bones Community Friending Meme.

Before you go answer this year's questions, we encourage you to go back to last year, take a look at your answers and the ones people have left since to get all reacquainted.

The rules, just like last year are as follows:

1) For the purposes of this meme, unaired episode spoilers are off-limits. If it's hit the airwaves, it is fair game in this meme.
2) If you include pics, gifs, etc. try to keep the file size (in kb) reasonable. We're not setting an official limit, but no one wants to wait an hour to read a friending meme. Also, please don't hotlink any images. If you don't have a place to upload, you use something like tinypic.
3) This meme is open to all members of all ages. So leave the smut at home (but if you're just that dirty and must play in the gutter, please just link to it with a warning.)
4) The most important rule: BE RESPECTFUL.

If you have concerns about something here in this post (comments, images, etc.) please go here to contact a mod to handle the situation.

Finally, just a reminder that we post this because after a vote, we no longer allow friending meme pimping here, so we offer this as an alternative.

Now... On to the questions!

[New to this? Just click inside the box, select all of the text, paste it into your comment, then answer the questions.]
Tags: bones: friending meme
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