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Mod Post.

As we beginning a new year we've decided to give in and follow the request of a lot of members here and make the comm fanfiction-free.

Basically the same reasoning applies like for the icon-ban.
a) A lot of members don't read the fiction posted here.
b) There are a lot of comms on LJ that are purely fanfiction oriented.
c) The comm will once more become more news-related ;-)

However, we've decided to make an exception for works in progress with chapters already posted here.
As an author you can either drop us a comment here with a link to the last chapter or very simply put a link to the last chapter in your new chapter posts to come (so we don't delete your entries).

Additionally I will be posting 'newsletters' about icons and fanfiction in regular intervals here (kind of like the community updates qfemale writes). So if you don't want to join any other comms about Bones, you can still find fanfiction and icons here.
If you have any questions or suggestions for such a newsletter, you best contact squint_k.

Fanfiction oriented comms:bonesfic pudding_awards [info]poetic_bones[info]naughty_bones[info]boneswhiteboard[info]bones_recs 

If you are one of our affiliates but your comm isn't listed here, just drop me a comment. Same goes if you'd like your comm removed from this list.
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