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Bones Fandom History Lesson: Vultures 101

Vultures: The Beginnings

It seemed like any other day with Bones fans searching the web, far and wide, for any traces of Bones news. One member found a French Bones article, another found new pictures of Michaela Colin at a fashionable event, a new video came up at OS and there was even a picture archive update!

So as the night ended, and the day seemed like it was over, a nice little interview came up on google *pets google*, Straight From The Hart. It was an interview done by Will Dixon, a blogger who’s been in the tv industry in Canada, doing a little bit of everything in the biz. Being in the industry with fellow Canadian Hart Hanson, executive producer of Bones, he had connections with him- (and I am assuming that they are rather close.)

What seemed like an innocent re-posting of the article by traciebee over here (http://community.livejournal.com/206_bones/446150.html) at 206_Bones turn into a rant about Bones fans citing as an intensely fanatical rabid bunch

And just like that he dubbed us “Vultures”

I was amazed how fast they descended after I posted the first part of the Hart Hanson profile/interview/whatever it is. …within an hour, like vultures (or crows) to a carcass, they swooped in and picked me Bones clean.

Then complained at little about the crediting, showing lack of understand of fandoms in general.

and in some cases your words or pics cut and paste in so as to almost appear as if it's their post. WTF? Oh yeah, in little tiny letters at the bottom of the page, it says 'source'. Source? Hell...I feel guilty when I lift even a little part of someone else's article and plink it into a post of mine (credited of course). But not the die hard fans..

Who would think that we actually did that interview? Me? Thank you but no.

And it's mostly about the pictures. They loves da pictures. That Bones cast photo with everyone laughing is already turning up everywhere. And the fans are groovin'... OMG! ROFLMAO!!!

Referring to this wonderful picture:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Me? I go
OMG! ROFLMAO!!!” at the picture, because that is so me.

But he does say this in his post: “The die hards these days seem to know everything about a show, I will give them that.”

Mhmm… True, so true.

So there you have the basics on how it got started. While I cannot speak for other Bones fans *coughs* I can say, is that poking fun at crazy is a bad bad BAD idea. Linking to us while ranting about us was even worse.

Vultures: The Icons and the Adoption (Part II):

Infuriated as we were, we took the high road (in my opinion). We didn't do anything besides a nice note about how fandoms run and how we are sane.

But Suddenly “Vulture” became unanimous with Bones fans. It became a sort of retaliation in a subtle way. No longer was Vulture have a negative connotation to Bones fans, we embraced it.

One of out first adoptions (plus discussion):

One of our talented mod made a batch of icons to show how proud we were for being Vultures.

Here: http://community.livejournal.com/206_bones/463659.html

Further thinking about it, we grew to truly like the term. “Vultures” really does fit Bones fans. Bones (the show) does revolve around dead bodies/bones and so does Vultures!

There has been other times he has talked about Bones. Mostly good things about the show. SO its okay now.

Where we stand today? (Part III)

On Branches.
And keep doing what Vultures do :P

So in conclusion, Vultures FTW!
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