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Here is a list of all communities that are affiliated with us.
Please note that we will remove any comms that do not link back to us or remove the link at a later date. We do check!

Bones Others:
bones_claims, bones_daily, bones_asylum, bones_research, [info]bonespodcastbones_caption

Bones Season One:

Bones Icons:
bones_awards, bones_icons100, bones_icons, good_bonesicons, [info]bonesiconawards 

Bones Icontest:
bones_hush, bones_stillness, whatthatmeans, j_isnotazombie, boneschorus, boneslims, emilydavid_ic, multi_task, [info]bones_stills bones20in20 boneselite emilystills demily_lims  emilystills demily_lims bones20in20 

Bones Art:
bones_graphics, weebones, bonesfanvids, bonesvids, bitsy_bones

Bones Ships:
boothandbrennan, loveyourguts, angelahodgins, more_evolved best_bb_moments 

Bones Fanfiction:
bonesfic, pudding_awards, poetic_bones, naughty_bones, boneswhiteboard, athe_crossbones, bones_15_fics, bonesonfox kinkinthebones the_squintsquad bitesize_bones 

Bones Newsletters:
j_institute, bones_news

Bones Feeds:
bones_pics, bones_foxcasts

Bones Characters:
bones_stamping, zackarooni, bugs_n_slime, weheartbrennan, jaredbooth wendellbray temperance_love tempemargaret 

Bones People:
emily_etc, reichsfans, boreanaznews, emily_fans emily_news  

Semi-Bones related:
pdficchallenge, fanfic50, ficlets100 killer_culture killer_culture david_and_james crossovers50 galorechallenge  xoverland 

None-Bones realted:
fedcon, scrapbook_users, banners_wanted, not_fo_banners, jericho_icons, [info]icontest_needs ncis_caption  raisinghope_tv 

If you have a community that is about Bones and you are not yet affiliated with us but would like to, here is your chance ;-)
Drop us a comment with a link to your comm, add 206_bones to your affiliates and we're friends forever ;-)

Use 'Bones Affiliate' as Subject title to your comment!

Note: Yes, this means you will have to put up a link to 206_bones in your comm as well!

Let's spread the Bones love so the fandom can grow!

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