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Those are the FAQ's about the community.
We will add more questions and their answers as they pop up.

Q: I don't know how this websites works, will you help me?
A: No. We are here to run the community and not to explain livejournal.com to you. However LJ has a huge FAQ of its own which answers to 99% of all the questions new members have. Check those out!
Additionally here is the list of most asked questions from beginners. It's a really good place to start from!

Q: Can I post right away?
A: You should read the rules before you first post, no matter what! After that, your first 3 entries will have to be approved by a moderator and only then do you have direct access to post entries without approval.

Q: Why are my first 3 entries moderated?
A: Because a lot of people don't read our rules. We put a lot of effort into maintaining this community and not reading the rules is rude and in most cases just cluttering the community. It's our way of enforcing a smooth running community.

Q: I am looking for something, what should I do?
A: The community is very well organized so there are several ways for you to search something! Please use all of those possibilities before you make a new entry to the community!
- Tags
- Search Engine
- Skimming Entries
If you still can't find what you are looking for after all of those you can make an entry about it. But you have to mention what you've tried so far or else your entry will be deleted. (In some cases it's also worth a shot to try our archives which are all listed in the user info.)
Please note that moderators almost always can point you to what you're looking for within a minute. Thus if we feel it was a redundant question and of no value for the community, we just might give you the link you need and then delete your entry without notice. We do make sure you get the information though.

Q: Why do I have to search by myself first, why can't I just post directly to the comm if somebody has a link anyway?
A: A lot of people get bored if they see the same thing or question being posted over and over again. So just make use of your brain and your school education and you just might find what you are looking for without having to bother anybody else. It's appreciated by a lot of people ;-)

Q: How many entries do I have to check then before I can post?
A: We recommend that you check the entries for the past 3 days if the news/pictures/item you want to post/are looking for is new. If it's older we recommend you check the entries around the day it first appeared on the net. Or as stated above you can try all other ways to search the community.

Q: What is considered off topic?
A: We have complied a short list of off topic posts here.

Q: Why shouldn't I disable comments to my entries?
A: Because in the case you make a mistake or break a rule, we can't ask you to fix it but only can delete your entry right away. We'd rather you fix your entry in that case.

Q: Why can't I promote my site more than once a month or each time I update it?
A: People get bored quickly if they just read about new communities or websites rather than Bones related news - especially if you cross-post your promotional entries. Besides we are not here to help you gain members for your forums, there are enough other communities on livejournal.com that help you do that. Use the interest search to find those communities.

Q: What was the music in that episode and where can I download it?
A: We have an extensive Music Archive. If the song is not found there, we just don't know.

Q: How do I find old articles about Bones?
A: We have a interview-tag and a article-tag just for those posts. You can also search cross tags if you know that one interview was with David Boreanaz or any of the other main actors. This is our list of tags.

Q: Where can I find those 'Solving Murders Takes Chemistry' videos and what's the name of the song?
A: The videos are here and the song is called Cobrastyle by Teddybears Sthlm & Mad Cobra. The song can be downloaded in our Music Archive.

Q: Why hasn't Booth burst into flames when he goes out into the sun?
A: Oh you know, one can buy sun screen with SPF 5000 nowadays....
No for real, you might be thinking about earlier TV shows David did. Namely Angel and Buffy.

Q: I do not understand the term Vultures, what does it refer to?
A: An essay of where this term came from can be read here. As you see from that we adopted Vultures to mean 'Bones Fan' ;-)

Q: Help! I need transcripts of Bones episodes, where can they be found?
A: The easiest way to find any and all entries about transcripts is with the tag system. Click here for the transcript tag.

Q: If I have any kind of question regarding the community is it okay to just comment on some random entry, maybe even in your personal journal?
A: If you have any kind of question make sure the rules don't answer it nor is it anywhere else in the community (FAQ, other entries...). If you looked but there is nothing then you can leave a comment to our feedback post. If you comment to some random entry in the comm or in a personal journal chances are your comment just gets deleted. We have proper channels for questions, please use them.

Q: Why all those rules and regulations?
A: Because we have a lot of members and the amount of silly questions we get rises every day. Using your brain is a good thing and will help the community improve! Everything else is just clutter that nobody cares for.
Don't ask what the community can do for you, ask what you can do for the community!
If you have ideas how we can make the community a better place, please don't hesitate to tell us!

Q: Why should I even follow those rules? I can just post whatever I want and if it's not okay somebody will delete it anyway!
A: You should follow and respect our rules because we maintainers work on this community in our spare time. We don't get paid to do this but we put a lot of effort, thought and love into maintaining it. So the least you can do is respect our work by respecting our rules. The rules aren't here to make your life harder, those rules are here to improve the community for as many people as possible. This is also the reason why we have a feedback post - so we can improve the community constantly with your input!

Q: Will you ban me if I don't read the rules?
A: If you make posts which break the rules you will be banned, yes! No exceptions!
(We currently have a 3-strikes-rule which includes a list of all the people that do break our rules including screen shots of the entries/comments. This means you will get 2 warnings and the 3rd time you break the rules you will be banned.)

Q: I am banned but I want back in. What can I do?
A: You can buy the community 12 month of paid time and get another three chances ;-p

Q: I love this place! How can I help out?
A: There are several things that are always appreciated! We do accept donations - but that probably wasn't the kinda help you had in mind ;-p
We actually encourage members to let other members know if they break rules. This way word gets out that everybody should follow the rules and there is less trolling in the comm and much less problems overall. It's also very much appreciated if you participate in our challenges or donate to any number of our archives ;-) It's also a big help to us if you have a new idea or a negative experience with something, anything that can help us make it a better community - please tell us here.
Currently we are not looking for new maintainers or moderators but should the need arise, we will let you know about it.

Q: Why do you have so many secrets going on between the maintainers?
A: We could tell you but then you'd probably end up on Brennan's work table... ;-p
Secrets are fun and we enjoy having fun around here. Most secrets get shares while we are chin-deep soaked in mud at the spa or totally drunk, dancing on some tables during our infamous Christmas parties. So it's really nothing that the greater population of the community needs to know about ;-p

Q: I still have a question that isn't covered anywhere, what should I do?
A: As mentioned before, you can ask your question here ;-)

Q: What is it with all those Dakota Fanning comments?
A: Over at ohnotheydidnt some people always reply with 'Dakota Fanning' to the blind items that are posted. Mostly when the item is about Drugs or some weird Sex stuff - which is the fun part because Dakota is still a kid. This by now has become an inside-jokes with the mods and each time somebody asks a question and nobody know the answer to it - or something is going on and nobody should know about it for that matter - somebody replies with 'Dakota Fanning'.
Also you can ask qfemale about it as long as you want to but she'll always just ignore you because she is laughing so hard (possibly at you though. We're sorry!).
Also contrary to popular believe, Dakota has never appeared in Bones and currently there are no plans for future appearances either.
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