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What is off topic?

Here is a definition of what is considered to be off topic in this comm!

Actually we lied. We found it to be most difficult to come up with something that describes all the 'on topic' things that can be posted.

The closest we got is: a post must directly pertain to Bones or one of its regular (or major recurring, like John M. Jackson, etc.) cast members. (by krys33)

But since this is still rather... vague... we decided that a list of things we have deleted in the past would help to get an idea of what is off topic.

- Buffy/Angel oriented posts
- News about bands that had a song featured in an episode
- David Duchovny posts that don't pertain to Bones
- Asking for help with your video program/LJ/other
- Entries about somebody stealing your icons and how you're never again gonna make icons now
- Posts that contain the line 'this has nothing to do with Bones but...'
- Screen Caps of Bones one-time-actors in another show
- If you got a new user name
- Asking for a list of communities for other shows than Bones
- Requesting mp3's that have nothing to do with Bones
- Posting Angel promo images
- A post asking for nude models because you are an artist such as Angela Montenegro
- How to change your layout because you want a Bones banner
- Requesting a JournalFen account so you can spread the Bones love over there

The list goes on actually be we thought this would be enough to give you a good idea!

This is in no way meant to attack the people that actually posted those, we'd just like to give an idea of what we delete.

If you have questions/suggestion/anything else to say about this, just go ahead ;-)

For general feedback or requests regarding the comm, you can click here.
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