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MOD Post: What and when to post

With over 3600 members, the amount of duplicated posts or post with questions that could have been answered by simply reading the user info page or google.com are rising.
In order to avoid redundant posts...

What you should do before posting!

- Read the rules!
We do have a few rules of things you shouldn't post here. So please, before you post, make sure your post is something the community wants to see.
For a specific list of off-topic things, click here.

- Make sure, it hasn't been posted!
Sometimes somebody has already posted what you are about to post. Two posts with the same content are cluttering the community page and people will get bored.
Check the last 20 entries if it's new content or if you know, for example, the interview you want to post was first published two days ago, check the entries from the past two days.
You can also use our tags. If your content is older than just a few days, it might be a better idea to use our search engine. (It is located in the user info under 'Community Search')
If you have, for example, an additional link to an interview or a few more pictures of an even, post them as a reply to the post rather than a new entry.

- If Else
Found nothing? Go ahead and post.

What you can do to find something!
Sometimes you remember seeing something in the comm but you didn't bookmark it. No worries, the comm is organized.

You can:
- use the tags in order to find an entry
- use the search engine in the user info page
- read the user info page, we have prominent links and all you should know in there
- check out the media archives (all are linked in the user info page!)
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