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MOD Post: Introducing us

Hello! *waves*
We've actually never done that but with the recent change of maintainers we thought we all write a little intro about ourselves so you have a bit of an idea who the people are that run this community! :-)

Username: crearealidad
Nickname: C, Chris, Crea
206 Duties: Mostly I handle the mod queue and the strike list, but I'm also prone to providing pervy or alcoholic distractions.
What do you like best about Bones? Sexy female characters with brains.
What do you like least about Bones? The tendency to be cheesy, over the top, and insulting to my intelligence.
Tell us something about yourself: I'm from DC, keep a lot of secrets, and write smutty fanfiction. I use my very expensive degree to work in corporate retail. Yes, indeed, I'm more than a little different.

Username: twirls
Nickname: H (Herm)
206 Duties: News, Mirrors, Posting Access, and David Boreanaz.
What do you like best about Bones? Emily Deschanel and the witty repartee.
What do you like least about Bones? It's on FOX. Also, everyone has to have a traumatic past. Why?
Tell us something about yourself: Bones is just one of my many fandoms. I don't like tomatoes. I love being a mod.

Username: krys33
Nickname: Krystal (or Krys for short)
206 Duties: Music Archive
What do you like best about Bones? The uniqueness of it. There isn't a show like it out there. Where else on television can you find a forensic drama that makes you laugh out loud every single week?
What do you like least about Bones? Sometimes the show's a little too predictable or cliche for my liking... I think they underestimate the intelligence of the audience a little bit. (Granted, it's FOX, so...)
Tell us something about yourself: I'm crazily TV obsessed. At this moment, I've got thirty-one different seasons of thirteen different shows on DVD. If I'm not doing homework, at school, or out at the occasional movie, I'm watching TV. I'm fascinated with everything about television, from the show itself, to the writing, lighting, directing, editing, actors/actresses, and everything in between.
Though I'm younger than most of them, the other mods are a ton of fun with great senses of humor and we all love Bones and working on 206_bones to make it as great as it can be.

Username: toomanysides
Nickname: (former) Baby Vulture, R
206 Duties: Ratings Archive, News, Feedback, Comments, Discussions, Spoilers, Moderating, and everything in between.
What do you like best about Bones? Non-romantic relationships between the characters of Bones. I'm done with shipping :P Brennan is by far my favorite character, if you haven't figured already.
What do you like least about Bones? Anvils. and the fact 206_bones is left undiscovered by a lot of Bones fans.
Tell us something about yourself: I love moderating here at 206_bones, with this fantastic group of Mods. I totally enjoy working with these people, whom I have the utmost respect for. All of us work hard to keep 206_bones be the best out there and keep you informed of the happenings. We have fun.

Username: traciebee
Nickname(s): T, Ripper Queen, Media Vulture, piraTe
206 Duties: Screen Caps, Video Archive, News/Spoilers, Sides, Video Ripper/Converter, Comments, and all the other stuff Q doesn't do anymore.
What do you like best about Bones? The dynamics between the characters.
What do you like least about Bones? Some of the inconsistencies with continuity. I mean, if you want to get rid of a place or a person - at least give some sort of explanation as to what happened to them!
Tell us something about yourself: Supposedly, I'm the 'good cop'. It takes a lot to piss me off, but when you do the best way to make it up to me is to offer me coffee (with soy milk, please!). I'll usually forgive you then.. I'll usually forgive you fairly quickly then. I'm a huge advocate of starting new projects, the only problem is that sometimes, I think I'm involved in too many. :P When creativity strikes, I also enjoy making icons, fan videos and occasionally writing fics.
Bones is the first fandom, since The X Files ended, that I've really gotten into. Since so many of the shows that I really enjoyed got canceled in their 1st or 2nd seasons, I was very weary to get involved with a new show. I'm a shipper..with a twist. I love Brennan and Booth together but I also loved Brennan and Sully together. I would love to see him come back for an episode or two in Season 3. Ultimately, I know that B/B will be together though, so that makes me happy.
Other than vulturing around for 206_bones, I'm a huge music lover and a concert whore and my music collection is extremely diverse. In my free time, I, too, plot for World Domination but since I don't have a lot of free time, the takeover is going quite slowly.

Username: ziggystarduzt
Nickname: Z - Ziggy.
206 Duties: This and that. Drama and complaints handling, entertainment, and queue managing being the big ones. I also put up articles about stuff when other people don't get there first, which is all the time lately.
What do you like best about Bones? I like when people use karate and stuff to kick ass. And awesome corpses. I like when they simulate gross things happening to corpses too, that's great. And I like when Stephen Fry guest stars, because I love him.
What do you like least about Bones? There are nowhere near enough zombies in it. If I wrote Bones, I would definitely have them face off against zombie invasions more frequently. I also would prefer a better balance between humour and drama.
Tell us something about yourself: I'm from Vancouver, which says a lot, if you know anything about Vancouverites. We are a proud, coffee-drinking people. I'm married with three cats and a pit bull. I like to pwn n00bs in video games. I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, so I try lots of everything- so long as it gets me attention. I love attention. I don't have a plan for world domination at this time, but I have a pretty decent gamer score.

Mods Of the Past

Over the past several years, we've had some mods who have decided, for whatever reasons, to leave the community and end their modship. However, we thank them for the hours of time and effort they've donated to 206_bones, and their contributions will not be forgotten.


And of course, last but not least, qfemale. Q created this community and stood by it for four years before deciding to resign as a moderator. Without her, there would be no 206_bones, and we are endlessly thankful to her for all she's done for us. We love you lots and lots, Q!

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