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MOD Post: What this community has to offer!

Hello everybody!

We've gained a lot of new members over the past 2 months and because there are still so many people that don't know how to use the full potential of this community, we thought we'd write an introduction what this community has to offer to you all! (And because we do have some hidden gems that aren't so easy to find :-p)

The Archives

You can find interviews, excerpts, previews and much more in our video archive! We have videos going back to S1!

We have still images, behind the scene pics and promo images in our picture archive. Most of the HiRes quality!

You'll find a complete list of all songs ever used on the show or its commercial in the Music Archive!

We also have an archive with all the ratings for past episode, including reruns!

All the sides that have been releases so far are being archived here.

Our very own screen cap archive - so you can make icons and other goodies :-)

The Episodes

If you are looking for episodes online, you can check out this post. We'd like to point out that it's really worth it to look at the post from the top to bottom!

Other Communities

If you are looking for other communities on LJ, you can check out our affiliation post. Or if you have a comm that isn't listed there yet, feel free to drop us a comment.

The Mems

We used to have memories about icon and fanfiction posts but because only a small percentage of the community used them but it was so much work, we decided to use them for something else. Check it out, you might like what you find :-)
Icons and Fanfiction can now be found via tags :-)

The Tags

We have tags, we have a lot of them! So whenever you are looking for something, you're best bet is to find it with the tags.

Short rundown:

- Actors
If you are looking for something about any of the actors, you will find it under this tag. They are separated by actor.

- Archive
All archives are tagges as well because sometimes archive updates are made in a separated post.

- Art
You'll find anything from icons to wallpapers and mood themes under those tags.
As noted above, fanfiction and icons can be found here as well.

- Bones
This is the general tag for everything about the show. The most prominent tags in this section are 'articles', 'interviews' and 'dvds'.
We also have a tag for entries that we don't know what to tag with, it's called 'idkwtm'. Should you have suggestions for any of those entries, please don't hesitate to drop us a comment :-)

- Characters
All posts concerning characters of the show are in this tag-category.

- Comm
All tags here are related to mod post.
The live discussions for each episode are also located there under: live eps discussions

- Episodes
Those tags are for episode specific things such as summaries or spoilers and so forth.

Here are all individual episodes listed. So if you'd like to check out - for example - if somebody else has already asked/answered that question you had about an episode, this would be the way to navigate it :-)

- Media
All media (pictures, videos...) that are not connected to the archives are tagged here.

- Other Shows
This section is mostly filled with post about the actors appearing in different shows or fans to wish for a cross over with this particular show.

- People
All the other people that are not actors but work on Bones get their own tag here.

- Ships
This is an older section that is barely ever used - as you can see. But it would be about ship-centric posts.

The Banner Contests

Since the start of this community, we hold a banner contest once a year - around the start of the new season. It is to find a new banner for the entry page!
If you are interested in it all, you can read up on them.
S1 - S2 - S3
And if you have some time, you can participate in the current one :-) There is still time!

The Live Episode Discussions

Each time there is a new episode airing, we have a post up where you can discuss the episode as it airs! Previous discussion posts can be found here.
Mostly there are also follow up posts with the latest preview, or some polls or review posts.

The Feedback

We also do take feedback so we can improve the comm! If you have an idea to make it better, please don't hesitate to tell us here!

Apart from all of that, we try to post news as soon as they happen, same goes for pictures and everything else!
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