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All Bones, ALL THE TIME!

Everything for the FOX TV series Bones

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206_Bones- The Comm for the TV Series Bones
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A comm about Bones - the Series. We've got pictures, spoilers, videos, icons, sides, fics and more!

Welcome to 206_bones! This community is about the FOX TV show Bones and anything that is related to it! The most comprehensive site, so you won't need to go anywhere else! You can post anything - stories, news, spoilers, images and everything else as long as you follow the rules! (The basic rules are listed below, please read them! For a more detailed guide, visit this post)

-How to join LiveJournal.com/become a member of this community.
-What we have to offer!
-International airdates for Bones.
-Please vote for us!

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to send an email to 206bones@gmail.com or very simply leave us a comment here. You can also find a comprehensive guide to membership and rules here.
Please read the rules and what/when to post before you post.

General Rules:
-Stay on topic in your posts. If your post is not connected to Bones, it will be deleted. (A list of what is off-topic for this comm )
-Do not disable or screen comments to your entries.
-Follow the Terms of Service you singed up with by registering with LJ!
-Make good use of your public school education.
-All opinions are welcome here as long as you restrain from bashing or insulting. This includes respecting everyone's opinion!

Specified Rules:

-If you'd like to post about something that isn't specified anywhere in the rules, just go ahead and post it!
-Do not link to pages or images that require a password or a registration!
-Any image containing spoilers or exceeding 400 pixels in width, 200 pixels in height and 150kb must be behind a LJ-cut!
-No hoop-linking of any kind! If you link to something, then only use deep-linking!
-All links are to be posted outside of a cut! Making people click a cut just to reach a link is no longer allowed!
-Since the big CreativityGate (One,Two) we've decided that it's okay again to post Icons and Fanfiction and everything else! However we do have formating rules for:
- Icons (10+ only)
- Fanfiction
- Fan Videos
- Wallpapers/Headers (3+)

As the community has decided, we no longer allow RPF's to be posted. ( Read more... )

We have also decided that we no longer allow posts regarding friending memes. Those interested in friending memes can visit ours - here.

Any other kind of graphic art must go behind a cut!
-No entries/comments concerning episode downloads are permitted. We have a list of legal sites here.
-Feel free to advertise other Bones communities, but please keep it down to once a month. (See also our Affiliation-Program!)
-No Spoilers outside a cut! (S4 and S5 are considered spoilers!) Make sure you label your spoilers properly so people know for what episode the spoilers are!
Also don't use spoilery icons for your posts. If you need to discuss spoilers in comments, make sure they belong to the appropriate entry and you don't go and spoile others that don't want to be spoiled!
-Do not post Beta-Reader-Requests to the community. We have a post that should cover all your needs in reagard to this here.

If you need more information on one of the rules you can drop us a comment here.

Please Note: Sometimes we will ask you to edit your entry rather than just delete it. In this case we give you 24hrs to edit the entry. If it is not edited within that time frame, we will delete the entry without further warning.

Please respect the rules and follow them. One of the mods is slightly obsessed with the Deus Ex Machina law and will use if it tempted to.

Why is the community being moderated?
This was changed in December 2006 due an increase of people that made posts that were against our rules. The current status is that we give auto-approval after your 3rd post that followed the rules. This way regular posters won't be moderated but only new members will be. However we reserve the right to have certain members on permanent moderation after several breaking of the rules.
We are currently 10 maintainers. The account 206_mods is a shared account which all mods have access to. We use it to post general announcements about the community and rule changes, etc.

However, we have each written a short bio, so you get the general idea who is behind this community. You can read them here.

Please respect the mods, we try to make this a friendly place for everyone. You can contact us at moderatingbones.
In case you'd like to advertise the community we have a few buttons you can use on any site or journal.
See all our buttons here!

Also if you're feeling artsy you can create your own buttons for the comm and submit them here. Full credit will be given to you.
We already have a pretty good list of different archives. Should you look for a certain thing, this is the first place to look!
We have ads, previews, excerpts and much more!Looking for some pictures? We have them all!
Did you ever wonder what that song at the end of the episode was called? Look no further!We also have a comprehensive list of episode ratings - including what all those numbers mean!
You know the sides that actors get when they go on an audition? We have them archived for you!We have screen caps of every single episode - DVD quality!

All archives are Members-Only!
Which means you have to join this community to access them.
Additionally if you have an idea for another archive that fans might enjoy, you can drop us a suggestion here.

If you are in need of a beta-reader for your fanfiction, you can make a comment to this post and somebody will contact you shortly!
If you are a Beta-Reader and would like to offer your services, you can do it in the same post. We are grateful for every person signing up with this post!
You can find all of our LJ-Affiliates in an entry here.
- This is also the right entry to drop us a comment if you'd like your community to be affiliated with us. The only requirement we have is that you link back to us!
For various reasons we offer a community search engine. Please use it!

To only search the community select 'my journal'.

Get your own code!

You can also browse through our tags in order to find what you're looking for. Or simply search through entries with combined tags!

Layout by: mercscilla
Mood Theme by seekingwords
Main banner by: maycharp
User Info banner by: tocourtdisaster
Icons are credited in the keywords.

And last but not least: Here is a list of all people that have bought us paid time for the comm or donated money to support any other aspect of the Bones Fandom! We thank you!

This community is a Character Friendly Zone!
I don't know what that means!

Should you feel the terrible need to bash or let off steam about somebody, you can do so here and only here!
Q: I have seen many icons with vultures and the word has been mentioned in combination with Bones, but what does it mean?
A: Vultures is what you call a Bones fan! Actually there is a whole story behind how we got to call ourselves that. toomanysides has written a lovely essay about it, answering all your questions!
Q: Want to get to know some Vultures?
A: Visit the 206_bones Friending Meme!
FAQ= Frequently Asked Questions
We already have a lot of questions answered in our user info here but just in case we have compiled a list of questions we get asked a lot in one way or another. This should also help you if you have a problem with any aspect of the site or any of its archives.

Onwards to our FAQ's!
If you've got anything to tell us, no matter what, you can do so here! ;-)

The Circle of Bones Web Ring
The Circle of Bones Web Ring
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